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Neno House

The Neno House, a rare example of Colonial Revival architecture in Fullerton, has been restored and is used for professional offices.



Golden Hammer Award

Golden Hammer Criteria

1. A residential dwelling located within the city of Fullerton, nominated by a Fullerton Heritage member.

2. Owned by a resident of Fullerton.

3. Meets all preservation zone guidelines, even if not located in a Preservation Zone.

4. Structure must be 50 years or older.

5. Improvements must be visible to passersby.

6. Must involve some "sweat equity" by the homeowner, as opposed to all hired or contracted labor.

7. Landscape and hardscapes are in keeping with the architectural style and time period of the original structure.

8. Deteriorated features are repaired rather than replaced.

9. New additions or alterations are in keeping with the style, size, and scale of the original structure.

10. Is agreed upon as "tastefully done" by the majority of the selection committee.

Desired, But Not Required
1. Owned by a Fullerton Heritage Member.

2. Interior restoration is in keeping with the architectural style of the structure and relates to the time period in which it was originally built.

3. Majority of work completed within the one-year period between annual meetings.

4. In the event that more than one nominated property meets the above criteria, the property deemed "most improved" will carry most weight in the selection process.



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