A Downtown Fullerton Walking Tour
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Founded in 1887 and incorporated on February 14, 1904, the City of Fullerton is a community proud of its heritage and its vision for the future. Unlike many Orange County cities, Fullerton has maintained its historic landmarks which serve to remind visitors and residents of the many changes that have taken place over the years. The preservation of its rich heritage has helped make Fullerton the very special place it is today.

When city founders George and Edward Amerige first came to the area, there was little more than acres of wild mustard. Although the brothers owned land in Sierra Madre, both were impressed with the plentiful orchards and ranches that could be found in the Placentia area to the east, and around the small town of Anaheim to the south. The two brothers soon sold their Sierra Madre holdings and their grain business in Massachusetts. On May 14, 1887, they received title to 430 acres of land and began the successful development of the Fullerton townsite.

Today, Fullerton is a prosperous community of more than 120,000 people and is home to five colleges and universities (California State University, Fullerton; Hope International University; Fullerton Community College; Western State University College of Law; and the Southern California College of Optometry) and myriad businesses and industries.

Redevelopment activities in recent years have focused renewed interest on the downtown area. The rehabilitation of existing buildings and key new businesses moving into the area underline the desire of the community to build on the foundation of its prosperous past. The downtown area, part of the original townsite, continues to reflect the character of our fine city.

We invite you to share this heritage by exploring historic downtown Fullerton.

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