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Fullerton Public Library

(Fullerton Museum Center - 301 N. Pomona Avenue)

Designed by architect Harry Vaughn and built in 1941 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, this outstanding building was the city's second library at this location-the first was a Carnegie Library built in 1907. The Spanish Colonial Revival style library was constructed on land originally sold to the city for $10 by Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Benchley and Mrs. C.S. Walton. (The sellers stipulated that the land be used for a public library; that no barn, stable or outhouse be built within 75 feet of Pomona Avenue and 35 feet of Wilshire Avenue; and that no liquor be allowed on the premises.) The fine molding over the doorways and stained glass windows exemplify some of the detailing associated with this historic building. Of special interest is the small cupola with the mosaic tile band at its base.


Museum (previously Fullerton Public Library

Another view of the museum