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Odd Fellows Building*

Williams Building
114 E. Commonwealth Avenue

One of Fullerton's most outstanding brick commercial structures, the Odd Fellows Building was constructed in 1927-28 for one of the city's oldest fraternal organizations, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge Number 103 (1901-81).

Designed from the start as a profit-making venture, the building was constructed to provide space for Odd Fellows meetings as well as to generate rental income for the Lodge. Lodge members reserved the second floor for their secret and exclusive use while leasing and renting out the first floor for office and retail space and the third floor to dozens of local patriotic, fraternal, and women's organizations.

In the 1920s and1930s, Fullerton veterans of the Civil and Spanish American Wars used the facility for their meetings. The third floor also housed a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era. The attractive plain box building has been enhanced by pale pink and blue terra-cotta tile, seemingly in imitation of marble, and three copper turbans capping the parapet. The focal point of the interior is the large second and third floor meeting and assembly halls, which feature a stage, built-in tiered seating on the sides, and high, arched windows.

*National Register Building

photo of original Odd Fellows Hall - now Wiliams Company