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Fullerton First Methodist Episcopal Church*

now Holycity Bethesda Fullgospel Church
117 N. Pomona Avenue

Rapidly constructed in seven months in 1909, this stately and impressive structure is Fullerton's oldest continuous church and one of two buildings in the city designed in the Gothic Revival style. Gothic style elements include a pitched gable roof, arched windows and doorways, a battlement tower, stained glass, and engaged buttresses. The church's designer is famed Los Angeles architect Albert R. Walker, who along with his partner Percy A. Eisen designed hundreds of buildings throughout southern California. The building's bricks, noted for their hardness and reddish brown color, were handmade by the Simons Brick Company in Los Angeles. Stunning original opalescent art glass windows, unique to Fullerton, are featured on the north and west side sides of the building. The parsonage -- built prior to the church in 1905 and adjacent to the church on the west side -- is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Colonial Revival architecture in Orange County.

*National Register Building


Original Methodist Church - now Church of Religious Science