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  • Fullerton Photos by Edgar Lara
  • Dunphy/Westwood Apartments - 126 W. Whiting
  • Dunphy/Westwood Apartments, 126 W. Whiting
  • Amerige Brothers' Realty Office - the first commercial building constructed in Fullerton (1887)
  • Opus Bank, formerly the Fullerton Community Bank, 200 West Commonwealth; an excellent example of a Mid-Century Modern commercial building in downtown Fullerton.
  • 5_Chapman-Park
    Chapman Park
  • 6_Downtown-Fullerton
    Downtown Fullerton
  • Spanish Colonial Revival Residence - 340 W. Brookdale Place
  • 8_Burdof-House
    Burdof House, 247 East Valencia; constructed in 1915, this dwelling is a fine example of a grove home; recently restored and designated a Fullerton Local Landmark.
  • Ellingson Building, 119 West Santa Fe Avenue; a good example of a brick commercial building constructed in the 1920s.
  • 10_CSUF-art-building
    California State University - Fullerton Art Building with sculpture
  • Fullerton City Hall at 303 West Commonwealth Avenue
  • Fullerton Transportation Center - 120 East Santa Fe
  • Fullerton Transportation Center - 120 East Santa Fe
  • Fullerton Transportation Center - 120 East Santa Fe
  • 15_Fern-Drive-Elementary
    Fern Drive Elementary School, 1400 West Fern Drive; a fine example of a Mid-Century Modern school constructed after World War II
  • Edgar Johnson House, 444 West Brookdale Place; constructed by Edgar Johnson, the first owner and editor of the Fullerton Daily News Tribune; a designated Fullerton Local Landmark.
  • Conley House, 1101 West Whiting; constructed in 1928; one of the best examples of the Cottage style in Fullerton.
  • 18_Cusick-House
    Cusick House, 315 East Amerige; constructed in 1885, this is he only large house in the Queen Anne style in Fullerton.
  • 19_Foster-House
    Foster House, 525 East Commonwealth; constructed in 1929, this property includes a residence and a three-unit apartment.
  • 20_Hetebrink-House
    Hetebrink House, 515 East Chapman Avenue; constructed in 1914, this is the finest example of a Mission Revival Building in Fullerton.
  • Fullerton Public Library - 353 West Commonwealth Avenue
  • Fallert House, 123 East Valencia Drive; constructed in 1908, this is a unique Colonial Revival Structure in Fullerton the combines unusual architectural elements.
  • Gobar House, 610 West Valley View; this two-story Craftsman house is unusual in that it incorporates both Cottage and Gothic Revival elements.
  • 24_Grieves-House
    Grieves House, 529-531 East Commonwealth Avenue; constructed in 1924 this is one on the earliest buildings in the city constructed as rental units; it incorporates unusual Santa Fe/Pueblo style elements.
  • Heroes Restaurant, 125 West Santa Fe; an excellent example of adaptive reuse, this building was recently designated a Fullerton Local Landmark.

Fullerton Photos by Edgar Lara

In 2012, Fullerton Heritage engaged Fullerton College student Edgar Lara as an intern to photograph buildings around the city. As part of the Fullerton Historic Survey in 1978, photographs were taken of historic residences, commercial structures, and other properties for identification purposes. While those photographs have been invaluable to researchers, homeowners, and city staff, they have become dated. Lara was instructed to take shots of historic buildings, but also to photograph mid-century buildings close to fifty years old that have been significant to Fullerton's history. This collection presented here is just a few of the photographs taken; the rest are on file in the Local History Room of the Fullerton Public Library. All of the photographs are available for public use.

Edgar Lara
Edgar Lara