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Meet at the Fullerton Museum Center

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Plummer Auditorium

Fullerton Police Station
Fullerton Police Station
used to be Fullerton City Hall
Hillcrest Park
Hillcrest Park newsly restored fountain
newly restored fountain
Hunt Branch Library

Hunt Branch Library
placed on the National Register - April 2019
The iconic Fullerton Bridge

Fullerton Bridge
Amerige Brothers' Realty Office

Amerige Brothers Realty Office


Founded by two visionary brothers in 1887 and incorporated in 1904, Fullerton is located 22 miles southeast of Los Angeles in the center of North Orange County. Fullerton is renowned for its unique mix of residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and cultural environments. From oranges to fruit punch to medical equipment, Fullerton has a rich heritage that is proudly preserved.

One of the largest cities in Orange County, Fullerton has a strong sense of tradition, one that treasures its historic past as it prepares to meet the challenges of its future. Fullerton Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Fullerton's past so future generations of Fullertonians can enjoy the rich history the city provides. Take a moment and browse through our website. There's an abundance of information that you will enjoy.