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Save Fullerton PD Neon Sign

Fullerton Heritage is leading the efforts to repair and restore the second-oldest neon sign in town, Fullerton's iconic PD neon sign, a part of Local Landmark #9.

In the early 1960s, the Fullerton Police dept front desk moved locations from the side of the building to its current location. Residents would get confused about how to enter the building, so the city installed a neon sign pointing to the Police department front desk. After many years of neglect, this iconic vintage sign is currently inoperable. Your donation will help this beautiful treasure glow again.

Please donate today either throught the website or

Fullerton Heritage is a nonprofit corporation and tax-exempt charity registered as an IRC Section 501 (c) (3).

Fullerton PD Neon Sign

The PD Neon Sign Is Broken
Fullerton Auditorium Update

In 2020, the Fullerton Joint Union High School District was awarded a $3,434,000 California grant for seismic and handicapped access improvements for the Fullerton High School Auditorium. The grant covered 50% of the $6,868,000 project cost, with the District funding the remaining amount. The project started in January, 2021.  In addition to stabilizing the clock tower, an addition was required on the east side of the auditorium to provide proper handicapped access to the auditorium seating, and additional restrooms.

The east wall of the auditorium is now an interior wall for the new corridor to the main floor seating, which provides wheelchair lifts and proper slope.  Sections of the seating area have been leveled to accommodate wheelchairs.

The addition also serves as seismic support for the auditorium and the location for the relocated ticket office, which provides disabled access and entry to the auditorium without having to use the main front stairs.

The auditorium and the mural on the west side of the building are on the National Register of Historic Places, so special care was needed during all phases of construction to protect the mural and the many other historic features of the building.

Interior historic features of the auditorium were impacted by the required seismic work.  The columns were wrapped with seismic fabric.  The capitals were removed because the columns extend from the basement to the roof but are only visible in the auditorium.  The capitals were reinstalled after seismic work was completed.  None of the capitals were broken or damaged due to the care taken by the contractor, BOGH Engineering.

The roof was required to be secured to the walls with metal plates, which covered some of the detailed artwork on the walls. The artwork was reproduced over the metal plates by ConservArt Associates, the firm that removed the paint that covered the mural on the west side of the auditorium and the mural in the old Fullerton City Hall.

Thanks to the support of the District Trustees and staff, the project is nearing a successful completion in spite of the many issues caused by the pandemic along the way.  Once completed, the Trustees are considering additional improvements, including sound, lighting, and seating upgrades.   

Fullerton Heritage congratulates the Fullerton High School District on an exceptional effort for an exceptional property.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony November 3 at 4:30pm for all those who would like to attend.

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Fullerton Auditorium

Re-installed capital following seismic work.
Mills Act News

On April 21, 2022 the Fullerton City Council voted unanimously to establish a Mills Act Program in Fullerton. Another win for preservation in Fullerton!
Read the pdf here...

Downtown Fullerton Historic Walking Tours Resume After Two-Year Hiatus

By Emerson Little
April 20, 2022

“Education is part of our goals and tours are a great way to get people to hear more about Fullerton’s historic past,” said Ernie Kelsey, President of Fullerton Heritage, and Chair of the volunteer organization’s tour group. “What’s great about these tours is that they’re not only fun and give you exercise, but so many people learn about the City. It’s fun to go through and educate people about a building or an area or a historic event that happened that they didn’t know happened. People drive by these historic buildings every day, and they don’t know how historic they really are.”
Read the full article here

Fullerton Heritage Celebrates 30th Anniversary

By Emerson Little
February 4, 2022

For the past 30 years, Fullerton Heritage, a non-profit benefit corporation of over 150 members, has dedicated itself to preserving Fullerton’s past for future generations. The all-volunteer organization has been very active in the restoration, preservation, and promotion of Fullerton’s collection of cultural and architectural resources.
Read the full article here.

Fullerton: A 'Preserve America Community'

By Emerson Little
Nov 6, 2021

Entering Fullerton city limits on Chapman Avenue, one sees a sign that says Fullerton is a 'Preserve America Community.' It turns out that the Preserve America Program, a federal initiative developed to highlight efforts to protect the nation’s heritage, designated the city of Fullerton a Preserve America Community in 2009. This is due to the efforts of members of Fullerton Heritage, a local non-profit organization that has been very active in the restoration, preservation, and promotion of Fullerton’s rich collection of cultural and architectural resources.
Read full article here

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