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Tour Schedule

We are on hiatus for Summer 2022. Tours will resume late September 2022.

Mills Act News

On April 21, 2022 the Fullerton City Council voted unanimously to establish a Mills Act Program in Fullerton. Another win for preservation in Fullerton!
Read the pdf here...

Downtown Fullerton Historic Walking Tours Resume After Two-Year Hiatus

By Emerson Little
April 20, 2022

“Education is part of our goals and tours are a great way to get people to hear more about Fullerton’s historic past,” said Ernie Kelsey, President of Fullerton Heritage, and Chair of the volunteer organization’s tour group. “What’s great about these tours is that they’re not only fun and give you exercise, but so many people learn about the City. It’s fun to go through and educate people about a building or an area or a historic event that happened that they didn’t know happened. People drive by these historic buildings every day, and they don’t know how historic they really are.”
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Fullerton Heritage Celebrates 30th Anniversary

By Emerson Little
February 4, 2022

For the past 30 years, Fullerton Heritage, a non-profit benefit corporation of over 150 members, has dedicated itself to preserving Fullerton’s past for future generations. The all-volunteer organization has been very active in the restoration, preservation, and promotion of Fullerton’s collection of cultural and architectural resources.
Read the full article here.

Fullerton: A 'Preserve America Community'

By Emerson Little
Nov 6, 2021

Entering Fullerton city limits on Chapman Avenue, one sees a sign that says Fullerton is a 'Preserve America Community.' It turns out that the Preserve America Program, a federal initiative developed to highlight efforts to protect the nation’s heritage, designated the city of Fullerton a Preserve America Community in 2009. This is due to the efforts of members of Fullerton Heritage, a local non-profit organization that has been very active in the restoration, preservation, and promotion of Fullerton’s rich collection of cultural and architectural resources.
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